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The ice is out! College students closed Ruixing's store!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop At the end of June, most of the final examinations in major colleges and universities are the time for final examinations in major colleges and universities. In order to fight the midnight oil for college students who can get good grades, the most important thing is refreshing coffee. Therefore, every exam week, the school's coffee shop has become an "energy station" for students

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At the end of June, most of the final exams are held in colleges and universities. in order to get good grades, the most important thing is refreshing coffee, so every exam week, the school coffee shop has become an "energy station" for students.

Brands such as Lucky and Cudy, which are opened at school, have been in a state of explosion recently. Usually a few minutes of coffee has to wait for nearly an hour at its peak, and the dining area is filled with ready-made meals and drinks. Students preparing for the final exam can't wait for the clerk to help pack, claim among dozens of drinks at the bar and take away the one they ordered.

From the pictures posted by students on social platforms, we can see that during exam week, empty cups can be seen everywhere in classroom corridors, libraries and other public trash bins, and a large number of lucky bags can be seen in the garbage collected by cleaning aunts. It can be said that college students' examination week is not only a robbery for students, but also a great test for campus store workers.

At noon yesterday, the students of a university went to the lucky people nearby after placing an order, only to find that the lucky people who came and went in the past were unexpectedly empty. A closer look, the pick-up window has been blocked, the instructions posted above make people feel helpless and funny. This lucky company is so short of hands that the shop assistants who haven't had a good rest for two months can't stand the pressure of orders during the exam week and have to close the shop to have a rest.

The Gu Ming milk tea shop in the same campus could not support the order demand of the students, so they had to close the store temporarily to give the staff a good rest and set aside enough time to prepare materials.

According to the students, the lucky company has only two full-time employees, and usually some students come to the store part-time to help, but during the exam week, the part-time students have to study hard to prepare for the exam, so the work pressure puts on the two full-time employees. However, the students did not expect that the lucky company did not increase the manpower to share the pressure, but adopted the method of closing the shop to give employees a rest time.

As a matter of fact, it is not the only coffee shop that college students have to close down during the exam week. Many people say that although the number of coffee shops on campus is gradually increasing, for the student party, brands such as Lucky and Cudy are more cost-effective and are favored by students, so even in peacetime, coffee shops on campus are often in a state of explosion.

For example, the lucky store of a certain school often emptied the ice machine stock in one morning because of too many cold drink orders, leaving only hot drinks to choose from in the afternoon. Until some time ago, someone saw the brand-new ice-making equipment in the store, and it was suspected that the equipment would be replaced to solve the problem that the store ran out of ice after two o'clock in the afternoon, which made the students excited.

In the face of the phenomenon that beverage stores such as Ruixing were overwhelmed by orders and had to close for rest, most people understood that the demand for caffeine among the students during the exam week was increasing, and the clerks really needed a good rest, but some people said that stores should take into account the surge in order pressure in the final quarter and arrange more staff to improve the efficiency of eating.

After all, some college students do not fail at the end of the term in order to review well, but drink refreshing coffee as water.

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