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The decorative table is referred to as a shrine. Cantonese people: dare not accept it

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, when a customer went to the Guangdong local coffee brand store by.jpg to buy coffee, he noticed a unique decoration placed on the bar. The table looks like a small red box with only one side opening.

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Recently, when a customer went to store by.jpg, a local coffee brand in Guangdong, to buy coffee, he noticed a unique decoration placed on the bar.

The table looks like a small red box with only one opening on one side, and the hollowed-out area in the middle can put items such as coffee and the periphery of the brand. The outside of the box is surrounded by colorful lights and white decorations, like a red hut covered with snow.

However, for netizens in Guangdong, the decoration, which looks like a red hut from a distance, looks more like a shrine hanging from high places to worship gods or family ancestors. In Guangdong, a shrine is an object with a special meaning, which is not usually regarded as a decoration, and it is a little inappropriate to put it on the bar to face the customers.

So after the post was sent, many people in the comment area said bluntly that they would turn around when they saw it and did not want to go into the store to spend money. Others said that a paper cup full of coffee grounds should be placed in front of the table and three straws should be inserted to make it more like a shrine in everyone's impression.

Apart from teasing, more consumers are dissatisfied that this is not the first time the brand has stepped on the cultural minefield of Guangdong users. At the beginning of this year, the brand attracted complaints from netizens because of the unlucky homophonic stem of the new product promotion copy "lucky tangerine", and now the "coffee shrine" has once again let Cantonese people who pay attention to good intentions break the defense.

They believe that local coffee brands in Guangdong should know what shrines mean to Cantonese, and placing this table, which is highly similar to shrines, in a conspicuous position in the store not only has a bad meaning, but also more or less makes customers who enter the door feel offended and give people an unpleasant sense of experience.

However, some passers-by believe that the coffee table is just an ornament and appeared in the store a long time ago, so consumers don't have to care too much about the meaning. It has been pointed out that the brand's logo is a coffee cup, and this decorative table is designed according to the shape of the packed cup and should be used for publicity. Stepping on the minefield of Guangdong users in styling may just be an accident.

In order to make their products more easily remembered by the public, brands often use homophonic Terminals and Internet Hot Terminals to design promotional copywriting for products, so as to cater to the current trend of young people and gain more attention and traffic. at the same time, humorous and interesting names or slogans are also conducive to product promotion and brand communication.

However, the public believes that even in order to attract the attention of consumers, brands should play tricks appropriately, taking into account the regional culture of the main audience of the brand, and avoid the use of ambiguous words and misleading design elements in corporate propaganda. Otherwise, it will only lift a stone and drop it on its own feet, making users have an indelible negative impression of the brand.

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