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Why is black coffee bitter? How to make dark roasted coffee beans?

Published: 2024-02-21 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/21, Now go to the coffee shop to order hand brew, maybe eight of the ten beans are sour. However, there are still many "ascetics"-like coffee friends who only like to drink bitter coffee. Where is the charm of this bitter coffee? Why are there still many coffee lovers obsessed with bitter coffee at a time when sour coffee is widely sought after? Where does coffee bitterness come from?


Now go to the coffee shop to order hand flushing, maybe 8 of the ten beans are sour. However, there are still many "ascetic monks" who only like to drink bitter coffee. What is the charm of this bitter coffee? Why is it that in the general pursuit of sour coffee, there are still many coffee glutton infatuated with bitter coffee?

Where does the bitter taste of coffee come from?

The sour and bitter of coffee is actually determined by the degree of roasting. In coffee roasting, there is a term called "explosion". At this time, the coffee beans have absorbed heat to such an extent that they can no longer store energy, and they will release heat through bursting (noise). The bean baker uses this to judge the roasting degree of coffee beans.


If the coffee is baked at the beginning of the "explosion", the coffee will be very sour; if we don't come out after the "explosion" and continue to bake until the "crackling" noise is dense, the coffee will be sour and sweet; if it still doesn't come out of the oven, keep waiting until the sound is gone, then the coffee that comes out at a later time begins to taste bitter, and the later it comes out, the more bitter it tastes.

With the deepening of roasting, the sour substances in the coffee beans will be worn away, eventually showing bitter flavors such as nuts and dark chocolate. Therefore, compared with shallow baked beans, deep baked beans have a large gap in the level of flavor changes. But the deep-roasted bitter coffee still has its own charm and cannot be tasted when drinking shallow baked beans.


The unique charm of deep-baked bitter coffee

Coffee aroma:

Deep-roasted coffee also has attractive aromas, which are different from those of light-baked beans. These aromas are compound aromas of nuts, caramel, toast and chocolate. Many coffee glutton pursues the bitter aroma of nuts.

Mellow taste:

Deep-roasted coffee has an incomparable taste experience. For many coffee lovers who love Blue Mountain and Manning coffee, a big reason is that deep roasting coffee can bring a more mellow taste, which can not only feel the flavor, but also experience the fullness and smoothness of the coffee in the mouth.

Sweetness back:

Yes, even deep-roasted bitter coffee will have that unique sweetness, that is, what we often say is sweet in bitterness. Although most of a cup of deep-roasted bitter coffee with proper extraction is bitter, it may taste sweetness such as caramel and maltose when you taste it carefully. After swallowing, the bitter taste comes to the fullest, and the sweet taste stays in the mouth for a long time. It is also the characteristic that light roasted coffee is difficult to repeat.


Of course, the unique charm of the above bitter coffee also needs to be built on the premise that you make it well. If you don't want to rush out the unforgettable bitterness, Qianjie suggests choosing conservative parameters when brewing.

In the front street, take the brewing gold Mantenin as an example, the water temperature is 86-88 degrees, the grindness is 20 sieve pass rate is 70% (ek43s 11 grid), using Kono filter cup, the ratio of powder to water is 1:15, and the extraction time is about two minutes.

Compared with shallow baked beans, deep-baked beans use lower water temperature and thicker grinding degree, which can make the bitter taste of coffee milder and avoid extracting miscellaneous flavors; filter cup choice, the use of Kono, kalita and other slow-flow filter cups, can more easily flush out the thick taste and mild flavor.


When cooking and baking beans, steaming must make sure that the coffee powder is fully steamed, which can be divided into two points: the first point is to make sure that the coffee powder is wet, and the bottom and release some coffee liquid; the second point is that the coffee powder layer is stable after expansion and no longer exhale gas.

Adjustment also needs to be made in water injection. It is suggested that the rhythm of water injection should be slowed down as far as possible, and the flow can be adjusted accordingly to avoid excessive erosion of the powder layer and extract more bitterness; if you inject water around a small circle, the powder wall will be slightly thicker than that of shallow coffee baking.


Seeing here, if you are also interested in deep-roasted bitter coffee, give it a try.


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