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How should the handle of the espresso machine be selected? Does the bottomless handle affect concentration extraction?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, When friends buy a coffee machine, naturally there are also related accessories to choose, because this can give themselves a better extraction of delicious Italian coffee! Among them, the most concerned is the choice of the handle of the coffee machine, which has always been divided into two factions: one faction chooses to have the bottom diversion port.

When friends buy a coffee machine, there is no need to choose related accessories, because only in this way can they better extract delicious espresso! Among them, the most concerned aspect is the selection of the handle of the coffee machine, which has always been divided into two factions: one group of people choose the "shunt handle" with the bottom diversion port, and the other is the novel and beautiful "bottomless handle". So the question is, what is the difference between them?

The shunt handle is the traditional Italian coffee machine handle, which was born in the evolution of the coffee machine. In the past, coffee makers used to come with two handles with diversion ports at the bottom! One is an one-way diversion handle using a single powder bowl, and the other is a two-way diversion handle using a double powder bowl.

The reason for these two differences, Qianjie in the previous two days in the article "add shot in coffee, in the end how much?" "it is written that the former 1 shot refers to the coffee liquid extracted by a single powder bowl, and if the customer orders this, the store will use a single powder bowl to extract an espresso to him; if it is to make two shot, the store will switch the handle, switch the single serving to the double serving, and then put two shot cups under the two diversion ports to wait for the coffee to be extracted.

However, now that people no longer use the previous extraction method to extract and concentrate, but in the form of more powder and less liquid, the single powder bowl and single diversion handle gradually decline. Until now, some coffee machines still come with two handles when they are purchased, but the manufacturers no longer send two handles with diversion ports, but the bottomless handle has replaced the position of a single one-port handle, that is, a bottomless handle and a shunt handle!

Bottomless handle, as the name implies, is a handle without a diversion bottom! You can see that the bottom of it is in a hollowed-out state, giving people the impression of a ring, supporting the whole of the powder bowl. So, let's make a comparison. The bottomless handle and the shunt handle use the same extraction parameters to see if the concentration will change depending on the bottom.

Experimental comparison of the use of beans: warm Yang match the use of powder bowl: standard 20g powder bowl: 20g grinding scale: Galileo Q18 1.4D extraction water temperature: 94 °C target liquid weight: 40ml respectively filled after the extraction, because there is a period of liquid in the extraction state can not be weighed, so we often need to end the extraction a little before the electronic scale reaches the target liquid weight! The bottomless handle ends the extraction when the distance from the target is less than 1.5ml, while the shunt handle does not drop directly, so it needs to end the extraction when the distance from the target is different from 2ml!

The extraction time is 30s, and there is not much difference between the taste of the two, so Qianjie does not repeat too much! However, the question also arises: since there is not much difference in taste, why is there an opposition between the two factions? What is the difference between them?

This has to mention the original intention of the bottomless handle: in order to better observe the concentrated extraction state!

When the bottomless handle was born when the traditional shunt handle was used, baristas found that even under the same parameters, the taste of each cup of extracted espresso would be slightly different! Sometimes normal, sometimes mixed with a faint negative smell, which makes baristas wonder. So, in 2004, Chris Davison, co-founder of the American Barista Association, worked with his colleagues to develop a bottomless handle! Remove the bottom and let the healing process of coffee extraction come into view! Then we know that the reason why they want to remove the bottom is to see the extraction state of espresso more intuitively.

Then, it is found that concentrated sputtering occurs from time to time in the use of bottomless handles. finally, experiments show that this sputtering phenomenon is the key to taste change. As a result, the "channel effect" has been discovered by people.

So is it better to have a bottomless handle or a shunt handle? Can only say: each has its own advantages! The bottomless handle can see the concentrated extraction process very intuitively, and can reduce the space occupied during the extraction. It is more friendly to the coffee making directly using the cup, such as dirty, and the cleaning is easier than the shunt handle.

The advantage of the shunt handle is that there is no need to worry about the sputtering phenomenon, no matter how well the bottomless handle is operated, there is still a chance of sputtering! Usually, in order to show the best taste and effect, we do not use a concentrate cup to concentrate, because this will cause some of the oil to hang on the cup, reducing the taste a little. Therefore, coffee cups are generally used directly to receive concentration! But sputtering can turn the coffee cup into such a messy image at the bottom.

This is due to the combination of height difference and sputtering phenomenon! Therefore, in this respect, the shunt handle without sputtering phenomenon will be more dominant! But often, its cleaning steps are also relatively tedious ~ therefore, in the choice of handle, you can choose it according to your personal preference ~ anyway, both of Qianjie and Qianjie can be used.


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