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A number of forest fires in Colombia will seriously affect coffee production.

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Recently, affected by high temperature and drought in Colombia, more than 500 forest fires broke out in Colombia. Colombian President Pedro said on the 24th that the country has entered a state of natural disasters. According to the Colombian newspaper, Colombia is increasingly affected by the El Ni ñ o phenomenon.

Recently, Colombia was affected by high temperature and dry weather. More than 500 forest fires broke out in Colombia. Colombia President Pedro said on the 24th that the country had entered a state of natural disaster.

Colombia is increasingly affected by El Niño, and Colombia's disaster control agencies are struggling daily to deal with fires everywhere, Colombia's newspaper Colombia El Nino reported. Recently, a delegation of firefighters from Cundinamarca Province submitted an accurate report of all forest fires that have occurred in the province. The report showed that 35 forest fires broke out in 25 municipalities in the province, of which 22 were extinguished and 5 were under control, but 8 were still burning, affecting 40 hectares of surrounding areas.

Thus, the Governor of Cundinamarca declared at the meeting that the province was in a state of emergency owing to forest fires, that El Niño had had a severe impact throughout the country, and that Cundinamarca was one of the four most vulnerable regions, that the province was in a state of public disaster and that all resolutions and measures under that state would be implemented to respond rapidly to the impact of El Niño.

In addition, other regions of Colombia have also been affected. According to Colombia's National Disaster Risk Management Agency, 385 hectares of land in Colombia have been affected by forest fires. There are still 21 forest fires active in the territory, large areas of vegetation have been destroyed, wildlife ran into the city to escape. According to a report released by the Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology of Colombia, record high temperatures have been set in several parts of Colombia, leading to an increasing risk of fires in most parts of the country. Currently, 977 municipalities are on fire alert, of which 681 are on red alert. As temperatures continue to rise and rainfall is low, the number of cities on the fire risk list is likely to continue to increase.

As a result, Colombia's president said, fires have strained water resources in more than 60 cities and the risk of landslides continues to increase. Accordingly, a decree on natural disasters was issued "to mobilize resources" to help fight forest fires in Colombia, without precluding a request for international assistance if the situation continued to deteriorate.

It is understood that the affected areas are mainly concentrated in the south-central part of the country. There are some coffee producing areas in Colombia, and there are many coffee plantations in the area. And the following March to June is the main season for the region. Although, there are no specific figures on the damage caused by the fire to coffee production. However, many industry insiders said that high temperature fires will have a significant impact on coffee production.