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How awful! Manner's own mug was "labeled"

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop As Manner Coffee, whose brand is positioned at affordable boutique coffee, the number of stores nationwide has exceeded 1,000. This is undoubtedly good for working people who have heard a little early and can bring their own cup to enjoy affordable boutique coffee.

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Manner Coffee, as a brand of affordable boutique coffee, now has more than 1,000 stores nationwide, which is undoubtedly good news for coffee head workers who have heard early that they can bring their own cups of affordable boutique coffee.

Recently, a netizen on the social platform complained that after her friend helped buy coffee at Manner Cafe with her own cup, she found that the label could not be removed only when she washed the cup, making netizens very angry.

At the bottom of the post, some netizens said that they felt that the shop assistant was "intentional" because they had seen other people use better-looking cups and were tagged before, while their own cups were not labeled. If their favorite cups are "indiscriminately tagged", it will really upset consumers.

In response, one netizen thought that it was "not intentional or unintentional". It was estimated that it was at the peak of the order volume at that time, and the Manner barista did not notice it and affixed the label directly to the body of the cup.

On the other hand, this seems to be common before, and there are a lot of cases on social networks that you go to stores and use your own cups that are tagged and then can't be removed.

Some netizens feel that the matter cannot be generalized. In stores in many cities, Manner baristas specially use easy-to-tear transparent stickers as the bottom and then stick labels. However, there are also some people who "specially" prepare cups to collect stickers for labels.

In addition, many "coffee heads" on social networks have shared some ways to remove glue stains from labels perfectly. For example, you can use the hot air of the hairdryer, alcohol wipe, eraser and other ways, and even netizens have suggested that chocolate be used to remove glue stains.

In daily life, the seemingly insignificant actions of baristas actually mean a lot to consumers. As representatives of the service industry, they have the closest contact with consumers.

It is these tiny details that make consumers feel the professionalism and care of baristas while tasting coffee. This kind of temperature and care make every cup of coffee more special and become an unforgettable memory in the hearts of consumers.

Generally speaking, Manner coffee, as the representative of affordable boutique coffee, has always been loved by the majority of workers. However, for the label difficult to remove the problem, although it may be due to the peak busy caused by negligence, but it does reflect some deficiencies in the details of production.

Hope that Manner Coffee can pay attention to this problem, constantly improve the service, and provide consumers with a more high-quality, professional coffee experience. After all, for coffee heads, a good cup of coffee is not only a taste, but also an attitude towards life and the pursuit of quality.

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