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"Straight Men's Paradise" Decathlon also enters the coffee track?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop The domestic coffee market with unlimited potential attracts not only coffee brands, but also makes many brands that have not previously been involved in catering eager. Recently, French outdoor brand Decathlon has also launched its own coffee road in Shanghai-in the Shanghai Wujiaochang store

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The domestic coffee market with unlimited potential attracts not only coffee brands, but also many brands that have not been involved in catering before. Recently, French outdoor brand Decathlon has also opened its own coffee route in Shanghai, setting up its first coffee corner in the Shanghai Wujiaochang store and getting a limited number of camping cups during the opening period.

Econnoisseur, who heard the news, immediately queued up to buy. From the menu provided by consumers at the scene, Decathlon Coffee Corner not only provides coffee, but also sports drinks in line with the tone of the brand, and the price is also very close to the people.

The high-quality and cheap Decathlon is very popular with domestic outdoor enthusiasts, and the coffee corner should be set up to provide a rest and relaxation area for shoppers. However, the buying and giving activities launched after the official opening made the scene a little out of control.

From the photos posted by netizens, we can see that customers who come to the store to participate in the event form a long line in front of the bar and can feel the enthusiasm of the guests across the screen. However, some consumers say that the sense of consumer experience at the scene is not good.

Many people reported that Decathlon Coffee Corner takes online Mini Program orders and offline store orders, but due to too many people participating in the buying and giving activities, Mini Program collapsed and stores exploded. The situation was unexpected. The clerks handled some of the online orders, and then, considering the long queue in front of the bar, they temporarily closed the online platform and turned to deal with orders from guests who had been waiting in line for an hour.

In addition, shop assistants also need to allocate manpower to check and write off gift coupons and distribute camping cups to guests, resulting in the production of drinks far less efficient than chain coffee shops, and many consumers said that the scene was at a loss.

It has long been a common phenomenon for non-catering brands to sell coffee across the border, and the public generally has a high degree of inclusion of cross-border brands of coffee, which is acceptable if it can meet the basic taste of the public and the price is suitable. After all, if you want good coffee, there are already too many better options on the market.

Therefore, coffee consumers may care about the quality but not be too critical about whether Decathlon can make a qualified cup of coffee. some of them prefer to have a different consumer experience in coffee shops with cross-border brands than those of coffee chains.

While Decathlon caters to the preferences of this part of consumers, the sports special drinks that are highly compatible with the brand on the menu brighten the eyes of many people, and some netizens say bluntly that they would prefer to try sports special drinks that are rare on the market. Instead of buying a cup of cheap coffee.

In addition, according to netizens, the brand intends to let the coffee corner into other offline stores, so as to optimize the consumer experience of users, so that people can enjoy the time in the store. It remains to be seen whether Decathlon, which arouses the interest of consumers, can break through the tight encirclement in the coffee track with the advantages of stores and special drinks in line with the brand positioning.

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