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How to use the V30 hand-brewed coffee filter cup? How many coffee beans should I use for one serving of coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, As we all know, the Hario V60 we are familiar with has two models, Model 01 and Model 02. Compared with the two, the V60 No. 02 is larger and can hold more coffee powder. It is not a problem to brew for 4 to 5 people at a time. Like the No. 01 filter cup commonly used in Qianjie, the amount of brewing powder is recommended to control

As we all know, the Hario V60 we are familiar with has two models, type 01 and type 02. Compared with the two, the V60 of No. 02 is larger and can hold more coffee powder, so it is not a problem to brew 4 or 5 servings at a time. Like the No. 01 filter cup commonly used in front street, the amount of brewing powder is recommended to be controlled between 15g and 20g.

However, in our daily life, we occasionally encounter "minor accidents" that make the actual flour load unable to match the recommended value, such as less than 15 grams of coffee beans, or we don't want to drink too much coffee today, so we make less. When using a large filter cup to brew a small amount of powder, because the powder layer becomes thinner, the water is easier to pass through, so the water control ability of the brewer is higher, followed by the coffee will be thin, weak aroma and other problems.

In order to meet the extraction needs of this kind of friends, one-person coffee filter cup arises at the historic moment. It is a 30-degree conical filter launched by Japanese appliance brand Tarachine Conical. It is said that the cup body is designed to make small powder coffee (less than 15 grams) perfectly, and friends call it "V30".

The V30 from Qianjie is made of transparent resin, which is small and light in hand, and the whole shape looks like a running "electric drill". The biggest difference between this filter cup and the classic V60 is that its cone angle is only 30 °and the cross section diameter is only 6cm, so in order to accommodate all the powder and provide lifting space for coffee, the height of the cup body reaches 11cm.

From the top to the bottom of the front street, it is found that the filter hole of V30 is relatively small and is round with a diameter of about 1.5cm (01 of V60 is 2cm). The inner diversion groove has two clockwise spirals that parallel to the bottom in order to prolong the extraction route of hot water and make the coffee taste thicker.

With regard to filter paper, in addition to the official version, Tarachine also recommends that you choose hario large filter paper sold on the market instead, just fold it in half from the center line along the fan, then expand one side, and then put it into a single-person filter cup. However, due to the folding of large filter paper, there will be one single layer and three layers on the other, and the different thickness of the filter makes the extraction of coffee powder in different positions different. Here Qianjie refers to the filter paper folding method summarized by a friend. For your reference.

First align the two radii of the filter paper and fold them into half the size

Reverse the radius of the unconnected side to align the center line, and gently pinch and fix it.

The same operation is done on the other side, just like an origami plane.

Finally, open the filter paper from the middle along the half-folded ribs and put it into the filter cup at the cone angle.

After the filter cup is in hand, Qianjie first selects a coffee bean that mainly shows sour fruit to see how the brewing effect is.

Coffee beans: 13g (Asalia, Kenya) ratio of powder to water: 1:15 Water temperature: 92 ℃ filter Cup: V30 Grinding degree: EK43s scale 10 (20 standard sieve filter 80%)

Three-stage style: 25g, 75g, 95g

In the process of water injection and mixing, the powder bed accumulates at the bottom, the flow velocity is slow as a whole, and there is a slight blockage in the tail section, and the liquid is filtered in 2 minutes and 23 seconds. Coffee has a strong sour taste, mainly berries and black tea, with light overall aroma and general body.

Qianjie guessed that because the structure of the filter cup deepens the water level, and here the fruit acid beans with shallow baking degree are used, the internal structure is more compact and the water absorption effect is weaker, so the powder bed is very difficult to be lifted by the water column. the poor flavor of coffee is mainly caused by soaking in the tail section for too long. Next, Qianjie tried another medium-deep roasted coffee with a mellow and sweet taste.

Coffee beans: 13g (Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1) Powder / Water ratio: 1:15 Water temperature: 88 ℃ filter Cup: V30 Grinding degree: EK43s scale 10.5 (20 standard sieve filter 75%)

Three-stage style: 25g, 75g, 95g

Compared with the first group, the water of Blue Mountain Coffee was significantly smoother, the extraction was finished in nearly 2 minutes, and the powder bed was evenly distributed. Compared with the brewing effect of the KONO filter cup commonly used in the front street, the texture of the blue mountain washed out by V30 is softer and smoother, weaker in terms of mellow thickness and firmness, but the entrance can feel the obvious aroma of dark chocolate, and the return sweet after swallowing is also very clear.

In order to get a more intuitive comparison, Qianjie selected three kinds of moderately roasted coffee beans (Colombian claw & Guatemalan New Oriental rose summer & Honduran litchi orchid), which were extracted with V30 and V60 small filter cups respectively with a small amount of powder (13 grams). Other parameters remain the same.

The three pots of coffee with V30 were all filtered in 2 minutes ~ 2 minutes and 10 seconds, while the brewing process of coffee in V60 group ended in about 1 minute and 50 seconds. When comparing the finished filter cup, the powder pit formed by V30 is obviously much deeper, and the small amount of powder brewed, such as Xizao, Litchi orchid and New Oriental Rose Summer, is better than the trumpet V60 in terms of flavor complexity and taste consistency.

After a large number of brewing and comparison, Qianjie found that under the same amount of powder, the powder bed formed by V30 is thicker (deeper), which not only makes the launching speed slower, but also makes the powder layer rise rapidly when it encounters a large current, thus increasing the soaking extraction effect of coffee. In addition, the distribution of the diversion trough on the inside makes the coffee powder exhaust, and the water column also has a longer extraction path, which further improves the overall flavor concentration of the coffee liquid.

From this point of view, this filter cup is more suitable for brewing medium or above roasted small amount of coffee, which can fully display the round acidity and mellow sweetness of the coffee, such as caramel, preserved fruit, apricot, fermented wine and other flavor features. However, it should be noted that in order to prevent the water injection liquid level from exceeding the peak value of the filter cup (overflow), Qianjie recommends that when using V30, the amount of powder had better be controlled within 15 grams, more than 8 grams, and small water flow around a small circle, and segmented uniform injection, so that a moderate sense of rhythm of the extraction process can be obtained.


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