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This helmet can read the hearts of coffee judges!!

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| A few days ago, the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop, the 2024 World Coffee Brewing Competition WBrC came to an end in Chicago, USA. The contestants 'utensils, beans and parameters have become a topic for coffee lovers. However, some people may have doubts while watching the game

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A few days ago, the 2024 World Coffee Brewing Competition WBrC ended in Chicago, USA, and the contestants' utensils, beans and parameters have become the topic of conversation for coffee lovers.

But some people may wonder what the coffee tastes like and what's the difference between watching the game. Believe that this question, not only the spectators, the contestants may also be a little curious, what exactly do the judges think when tasting?

Unfortunately, no one can read minds and know the inner world of the judges, but a team of researchers in Italy recently said they had designed a potential new tool for coffee evaluation-tasting helmets.

(photo: Italian National Research Council)

The team found that a person's emotional response to coffee could be measured by a helmet equipped with wearable technology. The team used electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, skin electrical responses (GSR) and electroencephalogram (EEG) signals to measure the electrical activity of myocardium, skin and brain, and use each data to analyze the emotions of the parties.

To put it simply, the researchers used the wearable sensor to visualize the abstract emotions such as pleasure, disgust, calmness and so on when tasting coffee with biomedical signals and related data. in order to achieve the effect of detecting the hidden emotional response of the person.

Perhaps some friends will think that this technology does not seem to have much effect, or even feel "chicken ribs", but it is not.

Over the past three years, the Fine Coffee Association (SCA), one of the leading advocacy organizations in the coffee industry, has been hoping to identify and eliminate biases in coffee evaluation. Last April, SCA updated its 20-year-old SCA cup meter to develop a new coffee value evaluation system to reduce favouritism in coffee evaluation in a more scientific way, so that evaluators can give fairer results.

However, in the view of some people, although SCA's evaluation tool is widely used by coffee practitioners, it is still possible to produce unfair evaluation results, so in the view of the Italian research team, this tasting helmet may play an auxiliary role in coffee evaluation, making the results more objective and fair.

But the helmet needs to be adjusted now, and the team's researchers point out that they need to do more research, such as working with professional appraisers and industry people, before putting the helmet into practical use.

Lucia Billeci, a researcher at the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the Italian National Research Council (IFC-CNR) and the study's correspondent author, said in a statement by SCI that the study could open up a new perspective for sensory analysis of coffee tasting. In addition to the usual questionnaires, team members and judges can be equipped with minimally invasive devices to monitor the emotions generated by the wearer's physiological responses.

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