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Eating watermelon while cutting?! COCO shop assistants accused of being unsanitary!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Yesterday, Star Video released a video saying that some netizens saw employees cutting watermelons while eating them in the process of preparing materials at the Coco milk tea shop. From the video, it can be seen that this employee is an important ingredient in preparing the recently launched watermelon drink. according to

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Yesterday, Xing Video released a video saying that some netizens at the coco milk tea store saw employees cutting watermelons while preparing materials.

From the video, the employee is an important ingredient in preparing new watermelon drinks in the near future. According to official publicity, watermelon drinks use fresh fruit, so employees are required to cut the fruit in advance and set it aside. However, the shop assistant in the video did not wear gloves when cutting the watermelon and picked it up and ate it after cutting off a piece before continuing to deal with the rest of the flesh.

If this move occurs at home, most people will not find it strange or even approachable. After all, most of the cooks will try the salty taste before coming out of the pot, and make sure there is no problem before serving the food. Occasionally cooking in the kitchen while "stealing" some materials is even more common, which can be said to be a little fun for the cook.

However, when this behavior appeared to the catering practitioners in the kitchen, some people said that they seemed to see themselves cutting fruit at home, thinking that the clerk should judge whether there was something wrong with the sweetness, taste, and quality of the watermelon by taste. it may also be because the watermelon is so good that he steals a piece of it because of his greed.

In their view, if employees dare to eat these ingredients themselves, the profile proves that what is used in the store is real, and it can also make consumers feel at ease to buy, without having to worry about drinking fruit tea made from spoiled fruit.

But more people admitted that they could not accept such behavior by the staff of the kitchen. Many people noticed that the shop assistant did not wear gloves when handling the fruit, and then directly touched the leftover material with his hands after eating the watermelon, which made people worry about whether the sliced fruit would come into contact with the staff's saliva, thus causing food hygiene problems.

It has also been pointed out that the shop assistant should eat the sweetest part of the watermelon first, and then cut off the leftovers to make fruit tea and sell it to customers. This will not only affect the taste of the drink, but also make consumers who are aware of the situation uncomfortable, thinking that the drink they drink is made from leftover materials eaten by employees.

It is not inappropriate for people to eat a piece of watermelon in their own kitchen while preparing ingredients, and they may be ridiculed by family members who say, "you look like a greedy girl."

But in the catering industry, tasting a mouthful of raw materials or dishes to be served in advance may be a habit that the kitchen staff do not think much about, but this behavior falls into the eyes of consumers, even if they can understand, they will inevitably feel "diaphragm". Think that this kind of behavior may bring food safety risks, or it may not comply with the rules and regulations of a catering company.

At present, according to the Star Video report, the store manager concerned responded that he had seen the video online and was verifying the details, checking store surveillance and asking employees who went to work that day. As for the result of the handling of the employee, the store manager said that the headquarters did not authorize it, and he had no right to inform the public.

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