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How do you make coffee? The correct way to brew ear-hanging coffee

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Last Updated: 2024/02/22, Although the ear-hanging coffee flavor is far less than the freshly ground hand-brewed coffee, but the main thing is a convenience! It removes a series of cumbersome operations such as grinding, weighing, and manipulation of hand-brewed coffee, and only needs to open it and fill it! You can get a cup of coffee quickly. But there are some friends who don't know, okay

Although the flavor of hanging-ear coffee is far less than that of hand-made coffee, but what others focus on is a convenience! It leaves out a series of tedious operations such as grinding, weighing and manipulation of hand-made coffee, just open it and inject water! You can get a cup of coffee quickly.

But what some friends do not know is that the production of good hanging-ear coffee also needs to pay attention to some details, not just pouring water into it to make a qualified cup of coffee. When you do not pay attention to add too much water, it is easy to cause coffee dilution! So, Qianjie today to share, how to use the easiest way to get the delicious hanging-ear coffee (refers to the good coffee within the range of hanging-ear coffee)!

First of all, we need to know that there is not much difference between the brewing nature of hanging-ear coffee and hand-brewed coffee, but hanging-ear coffee will prepare everything for you and save you a lot of time and energy. So, what we need to pay attention to is the "partial parameters" of hand-brewed coffee and apply it to hanging-ear coffee to brew it.

Hand coffee needs to pay attention to four points: grinding, proportion, water temperature, brewing method. Grinding, as said at the beginning, is something we don't have to worry about ~ because the merchants will grind the coffee beans in advance and put them in the earbag. So, what we need to worry about a little bit is the remaining three parameters. Generally speaking, Qianjie is not recommended to directly use boiling water for cooking, so it is easy to extract the bitter flavor. We can refer to the water temperature parameters of hand flushing: the temperature range of 90 °to 93 °C for medium and shallow baked beans and 85 °C to 90 °C for medium and deep baked beans.

In the absence of a thermometer, a pot of hot water boiled by 300ml will lose temperature at a rate of about 2 ~ 3 °C per minute, so just boil the water and wait to the corresponding range. The second is to use the cup! It is best to use a "tall cup" with a capacity above 280ml. Because, this can effectively prevent the earbag from being soaked in water for a long time! If the cup is short, the hot water will easily submerge half of the earbag in the brewing process. Soaking for a long time is also easy to extract the bitter taste!

The reason for using tall cups above 280ml is that the capacity of coffee powder commonly used to hang earbags is about 10g. Take 10g, for example, if you want to get the right concentration of coffee, then its powder-to-water ratio has to be roughly the same as that of hand-brewed coffee, but due to the portability of not using electronic scales, we can control its range to a slightly larger range. For example, if the powder-to-water ratio used in front of the street is 1:15, it would be more reasonable for the ratio of hanging-ear coffee to be controlled at 1: 14: 1: 17, which translates to about 140ml~170ml. And this in the large capacity of the tall cup, will only be in a half-high position, there is no need to worry about soaking to hang up the earbag.

Cooking tutorial ~ well, after everything is ready, we can begin to brew! First, put away the cup, open the ear bag, take out the ear bag, tear open the seal, and hang it on the mouth of the cup!

Second, after the hot water reaches the predetermined range, inject it into the center of the earbag until the water level reaches half of the earbag, then steam for 10 to 15 seconds. (the coffee powder in the earbag doesn't have too much gas, so it doesn't take too long to steam.)

Third, carry out the second water injection, this time until the ear bag is full of nine minutes, and so on after the water drip filtration is finished, carry out the third water injection, and wait for the completion of the filtration, and finally inject the fourth hot water, which is still nine minutes full.

4. After the drip filtration, you can remove the earbag and enjoy the coffee.

(if you think it's too strong, you can add a small amount of hot water to it and adjust it to a concentration that suits your taste.)


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