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"eat cinder", Tims fresh coffee is accused of having too many particles!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop each chain coffee brand has its own memory points, such as Lucky's 9.9 Coffee, manner's "every request" pull flowers, etc., while the Canadian chain Tims Tianhao Coffee makes consumers remember their bagels and freshness.

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Each coffee chain has its own memory points, such as Lucky's 9.9 Coffee, manner's "on demand" and so on, while Canadian chain Tims Tian Hao Coffee reminds consumers of their bagels and fresh coffee.

According to the Tims official blog, fresh coffee can be understood as a hand-made coffee machine, which has less fat than Italian style and has a refreshing and smooth taste, so it is popular with coffee lovers who are not used to too much oil. Many netizens will go to Tims in the morning to buy a bagel and a cup of fresh coffee for breakfast to start a vibrant day.

Recently, some netizens posted on the social platform that they had ordered a cup of fresh coffee on Tims and found that there were a lot of coffee grounds left at the bottom of the cup. From the pictures of netizens, there are black particles left around in the disposable cup, with the most coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

The netizen immediately contacted the Tims customer service and reflected his situation, and the customer service responded that "coffee grounds precipitation is a normal phenomenon and can be safely drunk." This surprised netizens, saying that he "drank a mouthful of coffee full of dregs for the first time". Although Tims customer service gave compensation coupons, the netizen was still dissatisfied with it.

Netizens with the same experience in the comment area posted pictures and complained, "I threw up in the last mouthful, as if I ate a big mouthful of cinder." Some netizens speculated that there were problems with the shop assistant's operation in the process of making fresh coffee, such as the filter paper was not put away during filtration, which led to so much coffee grounds in the coffee liquid.

However, this is not the first time this has happened. In November last year, netizens posted pictures complaining that they drank coffee grounds in the fresh coffee ordered by Tims. "in the end, there were too many coffee grounds to see the white bottom of the cup," saying that this was not the first time.

Netizens left a message, "I have encountered direct takeout bad reviews", "this is a bit of an exaggeration", "there will be a little bit of coffee particles, but this is the first time to see so many", "there are too many scum and never order again."

Some powder particles are sometimes seen at the bottom of the cup after drinking coffee, because the ultra-fine powder in the coffee powder falls with the coffee liquid, which is similar to the normal situation of soy dregs precipitation in soy milk and pulp precipitation in fruit juice. It will not affect the change in the taste of coffee, nor will it harm the body.

But like Tims's fresh coffee, the residual coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup can be seen with the naked eye, although it can prove that their coffee is freshly ground, not instant coffee powder, but it has affected customers' drinking taste and given customers a bad consumption experience, so it can not be simply classified as "coffee grounds precipitation is a normal phenomenon".

Maybe the clerk made coffee improperly, or the coffee machine broke down, but whatever the reason, when consumers sent it, they wanted Tims to pay attention to it and investigate the cause, so as to avoid such a small probability event again.

In view of this matter, whether Tims will take measures to regulate the production of products, we can also wait and see.

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