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What caused the espresso machine to explode? Why is the handle fried and cracked out of the brewing head during the extraction process?

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, With the birth of affordable and compact home coffee machines, more and more friends are equipped with coffee machines at home so that they can drink freshly ground espresso at any time at home. However, it is not only the number of coffee machines that is increasing day by day, but also a series of operating problems with coffee machines. Recently, Qianjie discovered that on the Internet

With the birth of affordable and compact home coffee machines, more and more friends are equipped with coffee makers at home so that they can drink freshly ground espresso at any time. However, what is growing day by day is not only the number of coffee machines, but also a series of questions about the operation of coffee machines. Recently, Qianjie found that there are many friends on the Internet due to improper operation, causing the handle to be blown off the coffee machine during the process of extracting coffee (or after the extraction is over), resulting in a general embarrassment in the picture below.

The occurrence of this phenomenon is not only easy to damage the coffee machine, but also may hurt the operator. Even if there is no physical injury, a messy coffee stain can cause a certain blow to people's spirit. So Qianjie today would like to share why the coffee machine exploded the handle.

Why did the coffee machine explode the handle? Generally speaking, most of the reasons for this phenomenon are that the pressure has not been released correctly. Common scenarios for this phenomenon are: when the handle is removed, when the extract is concentrated, and when the coffee machine is cleaned.

The phenomenon of blowing up when removing the handle is a common problem in many household machines, and most household coffee machines under 1000 yuan do not have a perfect pressure relief function! As a result, the pressure cannot be released immediately after the coffee machine completes and stops the extraction.

If we take the handle off in a hurry at this time, the handle will easily eject under pressure. Therefore, in a situation like this, we can appropriately postpone the removal of the handle and let the pressure drain properly before disassembly, thus reducing the risk of blowing up the handle.

It is not uncommon for concentrated extraction to blow up the handle during concentrated extraction, because the pressure accumulates for a long time, which exceeds the pressure on the cooking head. There are two main reasons for the pressure buildup, one is that the coffee powder is too fine, and the other is that the filled coffee powder exceeds the recommended amount of the powder bowl.

When the coffee powder is ground too fine, the coffee powder will be closer and the gap in the flow of water will be greatly reduced. And when the grinding is fine to a certain extent, the pressed powder will be very strong, then the current will be very difficult to pass through, and the pressure will only accumulate in a small space. The other is the same: when we fill a lot of coffee powder than the recommended amount, the gap in the pressed powder will be narrower, making it difficult for hot water and pressure to pass through, and we can only repeat the savings in place when there is no place to release. and then there is the risk of exploding the handle. Therefore, if we find that there is no liquid at the bottom of the powder bowl for a long time in the process of extraction, and the pressure gauge has been in a peak state, then it is likely to be caused by these two reasons. In a situation like this, we'd better stop the extraction and readjust the amount of coffee powder or grinding to reduce the occurrence of exploding the handle.

In addition, there is another reason, that is, "did not fasten the handle". I believe that many friends have suffered such a loss, because the buckle handle did not exert too much force, resulting in the handle being ejected in the process of coffee extraction!

Although this kind of phenomenon will not do much damage compared with other phenomena, it is still very dangerous. Therefore, when we buckle the handle, we must pay attention to fastening it tightly.

The last thing to clean the coffee machine is to clean! When we clean the coffee machine, we will replace the powder bowl without holes, so that the cleaning powder in the powder bowl will be sucked back under the pressure relief of the coffee machine, so as to get the cleaning effect. However, many friends will think that the coffee machine will be able to keep cleaning for a long time, this idea is not correct!

Like the one above, if the pressure is not released for a long time during the coffee machine extraction, it will continue to accumulate, and when it exceeds the range of the coffee machine's head, it will breed the risk of blowing up the machine. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that when cleaning the head, we release the pressure regularly, which can not only play a good cleaning effect, but also avoid the risk of blowing up the machine. The specific operation is to pour the coffee machine cleaning powder into the non-hole powder bowl, then buckle the handle to the boiling head, open the water valve to drain water for 10 seconds, then close it, repeat it three times.