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Top 10 coolest cafes in the world

Published: 2024-04-19 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Cat Cafe Cafe des Chats Cafe is located in the heart of Marai, Paris, France, where people can enjoy delicious coffee and play with cats at the same time. People living in the metropolis of Paris cannot keep pets in their apartments for a variety of reasons, and the Cat Cafe makes up for this regret. The manager of the cafe says the meow therapy is really good for health. Here

Cat Cafe-Cafe des Chats Cafe

The Cat Cafe is located in the heart of Marai District, Paris, France, where people can enjoy delicious coffee and play with cats at the same time.

People living in the metropolis of Paris cannot keep pets in their apartments for a variety of reasons, and the Cat Cafe makes up for this regret. The manager of the cafe says the "meow therapy" is really good for health. The cats here are adopted from stray cat shelters, have undergone strict scrutiny, are gentle and can get along closely with people.

Hammock Cafe-Mahika Mano Cafe

If you can lie comfortably in a hammock, sip coffee, or hold tea in hand, what opportunity does the chair have to show its talents? Hammock Cafe & Gallery confirms this idea.

The hammock cafe is located in the town of Jixiang Temple in Tokyo, Japan. Here, people can lie in a swaying hammock to enjoy good food, coffee and wine. Don't be happy too early, the coffee shop has a time limit, usually 90 to 120 minutes, so everyone has a chance to enjoy the hammock. Of course, the time limit ultimately depends on the number of customers in the coffee shop.

Goat Cafe-- Sakuragaoka Cafe

The Goat Cafe, located in the bustling Shibuya district of Tokyo, allows people to have a good time with two special goats. The shopkeeper said that animal cafes are very hot, but they are usually cats or dogs, and she thinks goats can definitely surprise people.

Goats are not taken care of by cats. Sometimes the store is a mess; goats have to be specially fed to prevent the stench of faeces. However, this has not stopped people's pace and enthusiasm. Kotaro Nakazato, a 21-year-old college student, said: "if you live in a big city like me, stay away from animals and have little time to get close to them, the Goat Cafe allows us to get close to nature without going far away." The cafe is very successful and the owner, Kawaguchi, is considering expanding the store.

Earthquake Cafe-disaster Cafe

There is a cafe in Lorete de Mar, Spain, and there are always earthquakes. Usually, people are afraid of earthquakes, but in disaster cafes people spend money to enjoy good food while experiencing a 7.8 magnitude simulated earthquake.

The disaster Cafe looks nothing special on the outside, but the interesting one is underground. Thrill seekers take elevators to the "depths of the earth" and sit in cavernous restaurants. The waiters all wear helmets and have some safety equipment on them. Here, you should always be on your guard, because an earthquake may happen at any time. The simulated earthquake is generally of magnitude 7.8, and the earthquake feeling is well controlled. The lights went out, women screamed, chairs, tables and everything shook violently, but it was not as destructive as the real earthquake. Although heavy plates play a stabilizing role, drinks and food will still be splashed everywhere, and minor accidents occur one after another.

Beautiful legs Cafe

Chile's leg-themed cafes are doing brisk business, with waitresses dressed in sexy clothes. The waitress walked on a protruding path behind the bar to satisfy the eyes of most customers. The Beautiful legs Cafe looks vulgar, but it is not. It only sells coffee, not drinks. Here is full of customers all the time, mostly businessmen, the peak of business is not limited to work or afternoon.

The three major chains of the Chilean Beauty leg Cafe are the Brazilian Cafe, the Caribbean Cafe and the Haitian Cafe.

Dustbin Cafe

With cafes and bars built in dustbins and made of waste materials, the foundation project is amazing: society works even under extreme environmental conditions.

The foundation project, designed by Dutch designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten, was originally designed to celebrate a small holiday in Utrecht, but now the idea is easily adopted by other regions. With just a glance, the dustbin Cafe will be impressive.

Maid Cafe

Maid cafes are common in Japan and belong to the category of anime Reality Show restaurants. The waiter was dressed as a maid to create a sense of host to the guests. The first maid cafe, the Healing Maid Cafe, was established in March 2001 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Later, with the growing popularity of such cafes, competition has intensified, and some stores often come up with novel ideas to attract customers, such as playing cards and video games with maids at an extra charge. Maid cafes cross the ocean and have developed into China, South Korea, Australia, Hungary, France, Canada and the United States.

Stick Cafe-Starbucks

In Fukuoka, Japan, there is a Starbucks that you have never seen before. It is located on the main road leading to the shrine of Taizaifu Tianman Palace, and its walls and ceilings are decorated with 2000 sticks.

Future Journey Cafe-time Tunnel Cafe

In terms of attracting customers, the time Tunnel Cafe in Chicago deserves to be at the top of the list. The cafe has a collection of classic and epic movies to relive the wonderful moments in the cinema. Back to the Future, Star Wars. There are all kinds of good movies here.

The most conspicuous decoration of the cafe is a Deloning car, which the store has converted into a time machine in "back to the Future."

Floating world karma cafe-- Corner Perk cafe

There is a cafe in South Carolina in the United States, where all customers pay for others, just like the plot in the movie Karma.

In 2010, at Corner Perk, a small private cafe, a female customer paid an extra $100 and declared that she was willing to pay for everyone who ordered until the $100 was used up. The staff met her request, and then the customer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, left large donations every two to three months to pay for others. The news spread in this seaside town. Nowadays, more and more people begin to donate money in the store to pay for others. The shopkeeper said that some people came in and didn't even buy anything, left the money and turned around and left.