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Coffee Culture and present situation in Hainan

Published: 2024-04-19 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Fushan, a small town in the north of Hainan Island, is famous for its coffee.

Fushan is the first place in Hainan to grow coffee. Overseas Chinese were successfully introduced from Indonesia in 1935 and have now spread to all parts of the province. Local farmers all have the tradition of stir-frying coffee and drinking coffee. Coffee in large and small cafes and teahouses in Fushan town is fragrant all over the street, so that passers-by can't help but stop, and even many people go to great pains to drive to Fushan from Hainan to drink coffee.

The coffee beans produced in Fushan area are strong, large, uniform and 5. With rich, mellow, slippery, excellent quality, rich in Hainan Fushan area unique local coffee flavor. It has the quality characteristics of Sumatra coffee.

On the other hand, coffee in Fushan area has always been sold only in cafes and Dad 55 teahouses, but not in the market. Many people only hear its name but do not see its shape. To buy coffee, you have to go to Fushan Town. Cannot but say is a kind of regret!

Now, Haikou Meishangmei Coffee Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of green food of Hainan origin, the main project: coffee. Dig deep into the history and precipitate the culture to create the brand and enhance the cultural taste of Hainan enterprises. Based on Hainan and facing the whole country, we will comprehensively promote Hainan Fushan coffee to the market, so that more people can taste the unique flavor of coffee in Fushan area, and let more people understand Hainan's coffee culture.

The coffee produced by our company, 44 originated from Mr. Zhu de, who visited the coffee garden of Hongguang Farm in Fushan, Hainan in 1957, tasted the coffee produced by the farm enthusiastically, praised it and wrote an inscription, so that Fushan coffee began to be famous. Since then, the people of Fushan area have called the unique coffee flavor tasted by Boss Zhu de "Boss Coffee".

Coffee adopts coffee beans of Fushan origin, introduces advanced coffee roasting equipment, and hires a Taiwan super coffee roaster who has worked in Japan's UCC Coffee Company for 20 years as technical guidance, so that the quality of the original "Fukuyama coffee" can be climbed to another high floor. The application of one-way exhaust valve packaging to improve fresh-keeping technology, the company has coffee roasting equipment and roasting technology is domestic advanced, leading in the province.