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Coffee culture with new culture

Published: 2024-04-19 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Fragrance will not lie, whether a cup of coffee is fresh and mellow, in grinding, has been leaked first.

Fragrance will not lie, whether a cup of coffee is fresh and mellow, in grinding, has been leaked first.

Coffee culture with new culture

For those who know how to taste coffee, the aroma of coffee in his memory must contain the aroma of coffee floating in the air during grinding. Grind before cooking, leaving the coffee mellow. Apart from falling in love with the pleasant atmosphere of the fragrance that wantonly occupies the whole house, the most important thing is that they understand that grinding at the last minute before brewing is the basic secret of coffee preservation. Because grinding too early or buying ready-made ground coffee powder will increase the surface area of coffee in contact with air and humidity and gradually lose its aroma.

In addition, due to different brewing methods, the suitable size of coffee powder particles is also different, so it is best to adjust the grinding degree according to the way of each brewing in order to make the coffee taste most incisively and vividly.

Rough, medium and fine grinding, each performing his own duties. Time, in the coffee bean life travel, always occupies an important position. The length of maturity determines whether the coffee is mellow or not. The long baking time determines the different degree of baking.

If we say that brewing is a scene in which coffee beans are on and off when they meet with water. So, in this final critical plot, it is still time that matters. The length of brewing time not only determines the coffee concentration of different depth, but also affects the thickness of the grinding particles.

Generally speaking, the shorter the cooking time, the more the coffee powder must try its best to expand its surface area to come into contact with water, and the finer the particles required; on the contrary, the longer the cooking time, the rougher the grinding particles must be, so that unnecessary impurities can be extracted. For example, fast-extracted Espresso requires flour-like fine grinding, while filter brewing, which must be fully soaked to release the aroma, requires crumb-like rough grinding.

Offer a reward for excellent grinding equipment and make an appointment for coffee. Grinding particle thickness, in addition to the particle size, uniformity is also a big point. If the size is different during grinding, the concentration of coffee brewed will be uneven. Fine grinding is usually backed by excellent grinding equipment. At present, most of the general household use are hand-operated grinders, while coffee shop uses electric grinders that can quantify aroma and alcohol.

Unfortunately, the hand grinder, which can give you the most elegant posture when grinding, although the shape is pleasing, it is often difficult to achieve the goal of uniform particles, so you must be very careful when buying, and it is best to try it before making a decision. Once you buy it home, you should rotate as gently as possible to avoid friction and heat and make the beans lose their fragrance.

Grind to warm up for booking a good cup of coffee. So in every private conversation you have with coffee, don't miss the prologue of "grinding".