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Boutique Coffee Roasting Shop NO.193

Published: 2024-04-19 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/04/19, TAP COFFEE NO.193 is a coffee shop located in Wardour Street in the exclusive Soho district of central London.

The aroma of roasted coffee beans floats into the street and attracts the passing crowd. This is the first impression of Tap Coffee No.193. If you follow the source of the aroma, you will see the coffee drink menu written in white on the big mirror in front of the coffee shop. That mirror is not only a menu, but also creates a sense of space to make the whole store look more spacious.

Even the cashier is divided into two layers, which not only has a better sense of display, but also has more space for products. The upper furnishings can be used to cover up the lines and equipment behind the bar, making the overall feel more tidy. These seemingly simple designs must be planned and completed before construction, which shows the store's intentions for the store. TAP's store is divided into four areas-a la carte area, a coffee bar area, a seating area, and a coffee baking and packaging area at the back of the store. When entering the storefront, guests can find a table made of high chairs and narrow planks in front of them. Although this area is close to the storefront entrance, this simple method can add about 15 seats.

The interior design is made of natural materials and different wood materials. The color of the wood ranges from the darker color of the floor to the lighter color of tables and chairs. The depth of the color can create a sense of space and match with the milky white and light brown of the wall. Another interesting design in TAP is the sugar milk counter in the store. The countertop is not nailed to the wall with ordinary wood, but is put on a round plank with many log branches about a meter long and then placed in the middle of the store. The way you put the sugar milk table in the middle of the store makes you wonder, "Why do most stores put the sugar milk table against the wall instead of in the middle of the store where it is easier to use?" There are several different designs in the seating area, from the high chair and narrow wooden table area in the front area, the high chair and high round table area in the central area of the storefront to the general table and chair area at the back of the storefront. Different seats can give guests a different feeling of eating, but after careful observation, we can find that most of the tables and chairs are fixed on the ground. In this way, the store looks tidy at any time, and it also makes it easy for the staff to clean after the guests leave.


TAP uses three different types of lighting-white heat lamp, black table lamp and natural light. The adjustable white-hot lamp is the main source of light in the store, and the black lamp decorates the dining area, coffee maker, sugar milk counter and guest seating area. These lamps are just ordinary lamps, but they don't use metal or stainless steel because they don't want to look too industrial. The last natural light shines through the holes in the ceiling, making the narrower space at the back of the storefront look spacious and can see the sky and save electricity bills.


In addition, some small design details such as sugar jars and vintage spoons make TAP feel more intimate. The unique design of coffee beans with packaging patterns, labels and stickers makes guests want to buy them home when they see them. In addition to sugar jars and spoons, even the table number is engraved on a small piece of copper and then nailed to the wood instead of the generally irregular-looking table number plate. The most important area in the store is in the second half. A small coffee bean roasting area creates a strong aroma of fresh coffee and allows guests to see the roasting process. The baking area set up in the store can make the guests feel the intention of the store and see the fresh beans and cherish the cup of coffee in their hands. There are many coffee shops everywhere in the city, so how to make guests enjoy a unique coffee feeling different from other stores is the key to being different.